curveprotect software (experimental)

How to insert the CurveCP key into the DNS record

Replace domain, IP, extension, CurveCP key directory with Your domain, IP, extension, CurveCP key directory.

  • domain
  • IP
  • extension 00000000000000000000000000000000
  • CurveCP key in directory serverkey

  • print the public key encoded in base32:

    /opt/curveprotect/bin/netcurvecpprintkey32 serverkey

    insert the nym uz7 + the CurveCP key and the extension into the DNS record as a CNAME (tinydns format):

    check the DNS record

    apache@apache:~$ /opt/curveprotect/bin/dq a
    1 - regular DNS:
    149 bytes, 1+2+0+0 records, response, noerror
    query: 1
    answer: 31331 CNAME
    answer: 31331 A